Breath In, Breath Out

I read a great book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Michael Gaitley. First of all, I’m not a huge reader… I just can’t pay attention long enough to…

“Leave your brother alone! What’s that smell? Did you wash your hands? No you may not have another snack!”

See what I mean… Where was I?…

Oh ya, Michael Gaitley. Anyways, he said something in his book that really stuck out to me. During our life, our faith journey, a pattern arises from our ups and downs, ins and outs of the faith. Oftentimes, we liken this ebb and flow of life like our lungs -breathing- in and out.

Breath in: blessings, grace, God’s goodness, answered prayers, joy, ease, peace, strength, etc

Breath out: Action, being Christ’s hands and feet, service, sacrifice, vessel of his love, birthing Christ into our dark world in need of saving.

Yet, when we breath… there is this pause… Between breathing out and breathing in again… this pause when our lungs are empty… This is where we all start our journey-empty lungs in need of God’s breath, his spirit, his grace.

During my first few months as a mom, I felt empty, in need of God. After each kid we had, we had some sleepless weeks. Empty, in need of breath (and sleep!). But when we recognize our lungs our empty, we have an opportunity to admit we need him.

Each of us have times in our life, times when we are empty, times when we inhale, and times when we exhale. Our mother Mary illustrated this during the Annunciation…

When the angel came to Mary and told her she would bear the Son of God, perplexed and the angel’s greeting, she questioned, “How am I to conceive when I have not laid with a man.”

How many times have we questioned God’s will for us, questioned our ability to do His will, questioned our ability to get up and nurse that baby again, questioned if we can keep the family going when we feel we have nothing left, hardly anything to offer. I, personally have many Empty (Ecce) moments…

When we finally breath in, it’s glorious! It’s like when you’ve been under water for too long and come up for that much needed breath! Inhale his peace! His Grace! His Strength! Life is good when we are breathing him in! And that breath, that long awaited inhale is not too far away. God’s spirit is waiting to enter, to fill out lungs with peace, strength, courage, life…

Mary responds with her Inhale moment, her Fiat, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done according his word.” It was then that the Spirit entered her, conceiving the SON OF GOD! Our yes, our breathing in, let’s God’s grace enter our life. This grace, this life, this goodness fuels our future “Yes” to God’s will in our lives. It fuels our tired bodies at 3am to nourish our children’s tiny bodies. It fuels our will to do the 704th load of laundry. It fuels our creativity for what to plan for dinner. It fuels our desire to share our blessings, the good news, with others.

We nourish God’s goodness within ourselves, then we exhale… we birth Him into our world: we bring God’s light to a dark world.

Mary’s exhale is of course, her Magnificat.  This is her response to God, what she DOES with his life, how she shares it with others. After receiving God, Mary shares him with Elizabeth! Mary literally birth our Savior into this world, and we are all called to do the same (figuratively of course!). We are called to breath in the Holy Spirit and birth God into our world! What an honor, what a calling! And only armed with the Spirit are we able to achieve this 🙂

So here’s the deal… our life in Christ is a lot like breathing… something we do over and over and barely think about. So spend some time today praying through our breathing… meditating on our emptiness, breathing Him in and how we can bring Him to others.

Feel free to share your Empty moments, your Inhale moments and your Exhale moments with me! #Ecce #Fiat #Magnificat

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