How I Am Easily Saving $120 per month!

As of Feb 2015, we were paying $150 a month for satellite direct TV/DVR and Internet. Well Matt and I just graduated Financial Peace University, and we are looking to cut some costs…

And we scored a major deal! We decided to cut Satellite TV and buy this Roku 3 Streaming Media Player and Amazon Basics Cable Bundle for less than $85 (including the cable you need to connect)! And it’s free watching of our favorite shows and movies after that! We are Prime Members. If you aren’t already, you need to sign up! Start Free Trial Now!

Hopefully this will keep our family from watching too much TV and save us $120 EACH MONTH!

Happy Saving!


Free Kids Clothes (PLUS FREE SHIPPING!)

If you don’t mind used clothes, there is this AWESOME deal going on right now from an online used kids clothes site, Schoola! Here is how you can get free kids clothes…

1. Click my referral link here and sign up-you will receive $15 free credit! It’s added, don’t worry! You’ll see it when you check out. If you check out, I get $15 for my future orders! YAY!

2. If you shop quickly and order in 30 minutes or less, apply HURRY as the promo code during check out, you’ll get free shipping! Some people have even reported getting an additional 25% off their order but I didn’t see it before checking out. If you add more the $15, there is a possibility of 25% coming off!

3. Use your own referral link and share it with your friends to earn free money for clothes! It’s a win win win!

Yay free clothes! I scored some dress pants for my 7 year old! He’s so tall and growing so quickly!

God bless,

Clearance Kohl’s Win!

Hey everyone!

I just got back from a Kohl’s Victory Shopping Sesh (with Ben and Jojo) where I scored these jean shorts for only $2.71!

click here to either print out this coupon or use it on your mobile. It does say in the fine print up to 8 pairs of denim bottoms (not just jeans) so the lady at the counter had to specially take off $10 PER PAIR!

Get your coupon and go get some cheap clothes! You can always donate what you don’t need personally!

rockandrepubjeans rockandrepub

Hope you can find some cute stuff and save some money!!


God bless,