St. Joe’s Religious Ed Program (REP) Theme for 2014-2015

REP Theme 2014-2015: Recipe for Joy

Each year, REP has a theme, something to keep as a guideline in our prayers as a community. My first year it was, “Cultivating Christ” using plants, soil, water, son, etc as metaphors for the Gospel message of God’s love for us, our prayer life, going to church, etc. We had sprouts and watering cans on our nametags and each child’s name was written on a little sprout in a row of brown construction paper soil for our Door Tags.

The following year, our theme was, “Shine Christ’s Light.” We discussed light and how important it is in our lives-that we need light for so many things! Our opening night prayer, we had the church dark/dim until a certain time where we talked about how light helps us see clearly, feel safer, etc. Then we turned a lamp on and took off the lampshade. We told everyone that we are called to be like lamps without lampshades-shedding the light of God’s truth and love to a sometimes dark world. Then we passed out little finger flashlights at the end of the prayer service as reminders.

We had light bulb shapes for adult’s name tags and a huge light bulb shape with little lightning bolts with the student’s names written on them for the door tags.

This year our theme is: The Recipe for Joy! We will talk about how each of us, young and old, have a desire for joy and happiness. Many of us search for happiness in food, or video games, or popularity, or clothing, etc. But God gave us a recipe for joy in the Bible. He gave us the Beatitudes and have taught us to pray. We will discuss the “ingredients” for a joyful life (going to Mass, praying by yourself and with others, learning about our faith, being kind to others, etc).
Our Prayer Kits will be used every week, giving the children a hands on opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ.

The door tags will be a large mixing bowl and each child will be an ingredient shape (egg, measuring cup, spoon, etc). The catechists and volunteers will where name tags with spatulas and whisks on them.

I will be posting pictures of what we come up with when that time comes! Keep this upcoming year in your prayers as I will keep you in mine!

God bless,