Our Journey to ‘Healthiness’

It all started in Fall of 2013… We have tried knocking out all processed foods from my kitchen, which worked so well for us… that is until morning sickness with Baby Grace set in… then I gave in to the convenience and siren’s call of Doritos and Goldfish.

But the reason why we made the switch to no/low processed foods was because my entire family was living Sickagedon 2013. In a span of two months, my kids and husband had horrible flus, colds, stomach bugs, coughs, squirts, pukes, you name it, they caught it. I was the only one who was not a victim of said tragedy, but was during the time we learned of our first miscarriage. I mention this because moms tend to feel like miscarrying your baby is your fault somehow, and because I have a kick-butt immune system, I felt like my body just kicked everything out-including my sweetie growing inside.

Needless to say, Mama Bear got angry. I wanted to kick out all that was causing us pain! Aaaand we needed to give our washer and dryer a break from sanitizing poopy, pukey sheets! (… and rugs… and clothes… and towels… you get the picture). So after hitting the blogosphere hard, I came across some good friends in the local Des Moines area who wanted to gradually kick out sugar from their homes. We eventually formed a facebook group called, “Healthy Eating Families.” These ladies not only inspired me to slowly but surely take baby steps in ridding our house of processed foods, and providing real food options! And it worked! NO SICKNESS from January to March! Eating real food and kicking out common chemicals saved my bebes from a big part of the flu season!

Because of this Healthy Eating Families group, I learned how to make my own toothpaste, water and dairy kefir, kombucha,  elderberry syrup, sauerkraut, and fell in love with Essential Oils.

In late Feb, I started feeling SUPER TIRED and sick from being prego. I could not even say the word, “Kombucha” without gagging. Literally. I let all my living, probiotic saturated, creatures die on my kitchen counter. It was sad/liberating.

I am looking forward to gradually kicking out the chips, tortillas, bread and boxed granola bars in hopes of making my own after the baby is born and I emerge from the postnatal fog. But until then, we have truly incorporated a healthier diet consisting of many more fruits and veggies as well as grass-fed options for diary! We are still feeling good!

To aid us in our health, we use Essential Oils for our entire family! I firmly believe in this hippie stuff! But I am totally aware of how expensive providing healthy choices can be. I have written some posts on providing healthy, natural choices for your family on a budget. Feel free to ask questions! We are all learning together.

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