Zone Defense

I have taken a poll with my friends and family who have had larger families. I asked them what is the most difficult number of kids or what was the most difficult transition. I would say that 95% of them would say that your first child is the most difficult transition, closely followed by your third. I would ask them why and they would respond, “you go from one on one to zone defense.”

I have very wise friends.

I would have to agree 100%! Joseph was a great baby-very content when I was holding him and very attached to me. Nursing went super well and overall, we adjusted quite well at home. But it was difficult for us to handle all three of them!


yes out hands are full

yes out hands are full

I had three boys within 3.5 years. Our house was madness. Mikey was potty training, Ben was learning to walk/run, and the two of them needed constant supervision. And then there was this third child. One who needed me All. The. Time. He was my only baby who wouldn’t let me and Matt go on our precious date nights. We just took him with us for most of them in the beginning.


our first date night after joe was born


see jojo’s seat next to my giant nursing boobs






our third wheel

our third wheel

But eventually things settled down, and all three boys were a joy to have with not a lot of effort.In fact, Jojo really blessed our family. The boys loved their little brother, they’re like the three amigos and I love it!


best bros

best bros

Another blessing he was to our life was to give Matt a real daddy boost! Matt and Jojo have always had a special bond. He’s a daddy’s boy. Matt’s fatherhood got easier with each kid but Joe has really brought joy to him.


Just look at how Jojo looks at his daddy… presh

He has also made me laugh so much! He was funny, even as a baby! He would play peek-a-boo but he would leave the blanket on himself for a while to really make me wait for the laugh! He say’s the funniest things and always makes me smile!

I told you he had personality!

I told you he had personality!

Jojo was my baby for longest amount of time (almost three years) before Baby Grace was born! In those three years, we moved from MD to IA, got new jobs in IA, moved from our rental home in Iowa to our OWN FIRST HOME in Iowa, suffered a miscarriage, and had our rainbow baby, Grace.

This little boy has brought so much joy to me and Matt.

This little boy has brought so much joy to me and Matt.

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