What it’s like with 4 Kids…

So, I’m a Jim Gaffigan fan… and I am sure you have heard his famous words by now… if not, check out this awesome comedy gold… it’s worth the 7 minutes, I promise!

He pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly. And I actually am Puerto Rican. I also used to be Muy Guapo… My maiden name is Guzman. True story.

We had our last two babies with a midwife too. Basically I want to be best friends with Jim and his wife.

… but I digress…

Back to Grace, our fourth. She’s awesome. A huge punk who won’t let me sleep, but awesome nonetheless. She meets my gaze with a smile 97% of the time.

she smiled early at 2 weeks. like not just the gassy smiles... the real ones!

she smiled early at 2 weeks. like not just the gassy smiles… the real ones!

The best thing about her is that she’s my girl. My dolly, my sweet female confidant in the house of testosterone. I can’t wait to see who she’ll look like (she is the spitting image of her brothers so far), what she’ll sound like, her first words, when she’ll get hair… etc.



I am so thrilled that you will be along with me for the ride in mothering four kids, sharing my struggles and triumphs of motherhood. Pray for me and I will for you!

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