Trying to Conceive

There is this phrase… one I don’t see used very often when you are young Catholic couple using NFP. It’s called “Trying to Conceive (TTC)”…

After Mikey was about 18 months old or so, we really wanted to have another baby. This was an odd feeling for us because we had never ‘tried’ to conceive before. We got pregnant so quickly after the honeymoon that we started to fear our fertility, unfortunately. Because we use NFP, we have always known God is apart of our fertility planning, but because we’re sinners, I didn’t exactly trust that God knew what was best for our family.

20 weeks-It's another boy!

20 weeks-It’s another boy!

But, we actually tried (and succeeded) to conceive another bebee.  It was thanksgiving day when we found out, and quickly made the announcement on FB!  While I was pregnant with Ben, I got morning sickness from week 6-14 or so, but the thing that sticks out most to me was how ravenous hungry I was the entire time. For those of you who know me, I love to eat. Like everything… and a lot of it. But I was so hungry all the time that I could never feel full! I felt like those pirates on the Pirates of the Caribbean, ya know the ones who were cursed-they could eat but never feel satisfied??


Here i am at 22 weeks!

Here i am at 22 weeks!

36 weeks!

36 weeks!

Please excuse the blurriness, it was an old flip phone...

Please excuse the blurriness, it was an old flip phone…


Anyways, after I stopped getting sick, I really enjoyed this pregnancy. I felt great, had good energy levels, craved meat and veggies, gained 45 lbs, and gave birth on my due date (Aug 4th).


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