Best Baby Ever

The birth experience of Big Ben was wonderful and the joy I experienced after giving birth was unexpected, refreshing and most of all healing. Not so my physical healing-we all know what a battleground we feel like after birth… but more on the level of motherhood. I struggled so much with Mikey, that Ben was a breeze!

They loved each other from the start

They loved each other from the start

My joy did not end there. Ben was a wonderful baby-very cute, easy going, super photogenic and was a great eater and sleeper at that! He and I bonded so well, I couldn’t let go of him! I took soooooo many pictures, constantly praising God for the beauty of him!



After maternity leave from my job as a parish youth minister was up, I was blessed enough to take Ben with me! He hung out in my office as I would get work done preparing for events, retreats, bible studies, etc. He would either sleep, smile, jump, play or poop. Not a whole lot of anything else! He was adored by the parish, especially my co-workers. Even at a young age, he brought the joy of the Lord to others.


one of my co-workers holding him!

one of my co-workers holding him at my office!

We had a Fall retreat planned and Ben would only be 3 months old. I could not bare the thought of being away from Ben for an entire weekend, so, with the permission of my amazing pastor, we took Ben with us! I had a baby monitor with me the whole time and he took like three 2 hour naps, ate like a champ, smiled a ton and kind of became our retreat mascot!


Ben and me leading a Youth group retreat

Ben and me leading a Youth group retreat

I have only ever had my babies while in ministry, and I have to tell you what a huge witness to life and family it is! My teens adored him, like my previous and future babies. It’s truly a blessing to work for such a pro-life and family friendly employer. Unfortunately, not all parishes are as generous as the ones I have worked for, and for this I am extremely humbled, blessed and thankful!


Notice Ben and me in the group picture :)

Notice Ben and me in the group picture 🙂

Ben and I had such a wonderful, joy-filled, and peaceful 6 months together. Then, I found out I was pregnant with #3. And I was not happy. I felt robbed of this time with Ben. I dreaded morning sickness, low energy and a general moodiness that would interrupt this heavenly place I had with Ben and Mikey. But of course, God’s plan is the best plan…

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