stacy-10Hello. My name is Stacy and I am a Mary(ya know, Jesus’ momma) Wannabe.

Throughout this blog, you will find thoughts, stories and confessions of a Catholic woman who is trying to live her life as Mary did for her Son and husband. Mary has been such a part of my spiritual journey-she has even led me to marriage and my husband. She has gently called me deeper in love with her amazing Son.

Like Mary, I strive to do this: To love my family with all of myself and to gently lead others into a deeper love with Christ. The key word is STRIVE. I often fail (hence the wannabe title) but sometimes, with help, grace, prayer and support from others, I actually have “Mary Moments” where Christ truly uses me to love others. During these moments, I let Christ do with me as He wills, and THAT is when life is the sweetest…

I hope you may gain courage and perspective when reading my honest blog. I will most likely blog about sleep deprivation, having lots of kids, working part time, saving money, trying to eat healthy, caring for my family as naturally as possible, and my desire to be like Our Lady!

Let’s swap prayers for one another… deal?

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