How I Got 192 Size 4 Diapers (Huggies) for $12.60!!

Amazing Huggies Deals!

Amazing Huggies Deals!

Hi Everyone!

This deal is amazing…

It is for all Amazon Mom members. Basically, if you have Amazon Prime, you can register for Amazon Mom HERE for free.

Basically there is a promotion that certain diaper subscriptions are 20% off! Some of them even have $3 off coupons! PLUS there is a promo you can type in a checkout for an additional 50% off Huggies!

For Huggies Diapers (Sold only by Amazon, not 3rd party), type in the promo code: D50HUGGIES for 50% off!

For Huggies Wipes (Again, only sold by Amazon, not third party) Type in promo code: W50HUGGIES (for additional 50% off).

After your first order goes out and is delivered, you can go into your Amazon account and cancel the subscription for free!

If the codes don’t work, its because you did not select and item by Amazon.

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