Stitch Fix Numero Uno

Stitch Fix #1

Hi Everyone! Sorry it’s been months since I updated my blog. I have decided to cut down time at St. Joseph’s Parish and step down as the DRE there. I will be migrating my focus towards Confirmation Prep and Youth Ministry from now on, which frees me up to exclusively work from home and be with may babies full time! Truly a dream come true! I will just go in on Wed nights around 3:30pm to be with my people at St. Joseph’s!

More about me and life at home later… let’s get to the clothes!

It’s August, so I decided to treat myself to my very first Stitch Fix, a styling program where you sign up after filling out a fashion profile and a stylist chooses 5 items, especially picked for you, and ships them to your house (free shipping too!). You try them all on, then if you like all 5, you get a 25% off each item! If you don’t choose any, it’s just a $20 styling fee. And if you decide to keep less than 5 items (or even just one!), the $20 styling fee goes towards one of your items.

So here is my Stitch Fix #1 (all photo credits go to my 7-year old, Mikey!… not too shabby, eh?)

I loved the dress! But I felt like it was a smidge too short... but maybe i just don't know how to wear maxi dresses...

I loved the dress! But I felt like it was a smidge too short… but maybe i just don’t know how to wear maxi dresses…


Here is the scarf they sent with it. I love the scarf-very pretty! But I am not sure if I would wear it with everything. It’s of little birdies! Not sure it’s worth spending $28 on either…


I really loved the jeans they sent. They are both long and comfortable, while still being flattering. That’s a rare find so I am for sure keeping the jeans. I loved this shirt too! Super light and comfortable and pretty. And it hides the mom pooch. A super plus for me. Still debating on whether to keep it ($44!).


Here is the back view of the jeans and shirt. I love the details on the shirt here. What do you all think??


Here is the last item in my shipment! I was actually surprised at how well this fit me. It looked rather shapeless in the box. I liked this, but wasn’t too crazy about the colors. So I don’t think I’ll be keeping this one. What do you think?

THOUGHTS: so overall, I thought it was a fun experience! I loved how the stylist really listened to my concerns (lose fitting tops to hide my mom pooch, and still fun). I also requested a hot date night dress which I think she nailed. My only complaint was the price. I am a clearance rack type a gal, so I knew that the prices would be more than I was used to. But I guess I was still sticker shocked a bit. But honestly, with 4 little ones, I think if you take into account the time it takes to shop for quality stuff, the convenience of 5 great items chosen and shipped to you for free really does make the price a little more reasonable. For all 5 items after the 25% would have been about $186, which isn’t horrible.

So there it is! Have you tried Stitch Fix before? What did you think? If you want to give it a try, please use my referral link here so I can get some credit! Thanks!

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