Is it just me…

… or is Instagram ruining my life.


Hello, my name is Stacy, I am addicted to Facebook. I think it’s the extrovert in me. Maybe I just like creeping on my friends/acquaintances. Maybe I just don’t want to feel left out. Either way, checking my FB was distracting me from my prayer life and spending quality time with my family. SO I gave it up for lent… or so I tried.


I basically sucked this lent and sneaked (snuck?) Facebook on and off throughout those 40 days. I tried to do other (more productive) things like reading the readings for the day, or cleaning (hahaha) or blogging. I did fairly well until I re-discovered Instagram. Then I really started to like Instagram again and started wasting time on that (rinse and repeat right?). But I noticed another negative effect from Instragram other than misuse of time: Jealousy.


I am usually not a jealous person. In fact, I am usually very content with myself, my children, my husband, my life. But there is something about Instagram that got me. Maybe it was the quality, natural light infused pictures of fashionably accessorized toddlers, or successful shabby chic home décor makeovers, or sun-kissed selfies of peers vacationing in exotic, far off destinations. But I found myself and what I hold dear fading in to the background of other people’s best insta-moments.


Theodore Roosevelt’s wise words, “Comparison is the thief of joy” never rang truer. I started to become less satisfied with our financial situation because I wanted to buy all of the adorable hand-made girly accessories for my babies. Or decorate Grace’s nursery to show off to my friends, or travel sans kids to the Caribbean.  But because Matt and I are trying to get out of student loan debt and just graduated Financial Peace University, I was shielded from giving into my financial whims, knowing our financial debt-free future is more important.


Unprofessional, slightly blurred, and artificially lighted Christmas Family Pic 2012


So needless to say, I don’t get on Instagram as much. And when I do and that green-eyed monster starts to growl, I name that feeling aloud, asking Jesus to take my jealousy and to transform it to gratitude. My dependence on God’s power to transform death into life, and drawing me outside of myself will always be a solid wall I lean on.


So although my social media addictions are still present (albeit lessened), this lent showed me that like the sun breaking through the clouds on a stormy day, the power of God and His resurrection will break through my insecurities, promising warmth and contentment in the life He has chosen for me.


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