Young Living’s Compensation Plan 101

I want to take a sec and explain the compensation plan and how all this works. This gets more complicated as you exceed in rank… but let’s go over some basics.
When you sign up as a YL wholesale customer, you are automatically the rank of distributor. This means you can enroll people under you as wholesale customers, and you get paid not only for enrolling them, but also get commissions off of their orders!


If someone signs up under (by going to the sign up page and entering your member ID in the sponsor and enroller ID spots), you get $25 AND for the first three months after you sign someone up, you can earn the Fast Track Bonus, which is 25% of their orders! After the first three months, you only earn 8% of their orders.


IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A PAYCHECK, you need to order at least 50PV* for the first three months of signing someone up. After their three months are up, you need to place a 100PV or more to qualify.


*PV stands for Personal Value. This is pretty much dollar value but not always. Things like starter kits, samples, product guides and other things don’t usually have the same PV.


Lost yet? You can always call me and I can explain this over the phone too! 🙂


But I will try to flush this out a bit more…For example, let’s say my mom is interested in oils… we talk a bit and I show her the oils I love. She says she wants to sign up and it’s during the month of March. I bring her to YL member sign up page and put my member ID in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID spots on that page. She fills out her information, adds $50PV more to her order and checks out. She will have spent $150 on the PSK and $50 in additional product. But because the Premium Starter Kit is only 100PV (and not 150), I will only earn 25% of her PV, not of the total amount she spends. SO, I will earn $25 for signing a new person up AND 25% of 100+50), which would be a total of $62.50. In order to get that check, I would need to place an order of at least 50 PV.


Now, let’s say that it’s now June and I enroll Sally… She orders the Premium Starter Kit (100pv) and $100 in other product. And my mom orders $150. I would earn $75 from Sally but only $12 from my mom (because it was the 4th month after she signed up so only 8% of her PV). To qualify for my commissions, I would need to buy at least 50PV for Sally’s portion, but in order to maximize my commissions (from Sally and my mom) I would need to place an order of at least 100PV… Which means you would spend $100 in product and get $87 back (which is like buying product 87% off!).

As you start adding more people, and growing, things get a little more complicated. But this is just to give you a heads up on how things will begin 🙂

If you are still confused, seriously call me or email me! My Upward Drops Page has all my contact info!

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