Is the Essential Rewards Program for Me?

Do you use your oils and/or Young Living Products often?
Can you see your self re-ordering your favorites?
Do you want to save in shipping?
Do you want to earn free product?
Would you see yourself spending at least $50 a month on Young Living Products?

If you answered yes to most of the above questions, then you would LOVE to be apart of a huge money-saving program called Essential Rewards!


In order to get signed up, you don’t have to pay a membership fee, you can quit anytime with no cancellation fees! Basically, when you decide to join Essential Rewards (ER), you simply commit to ordering at least 50PV (Product Value) of YL product each month. You get to change your order each month to what you want/need and you pick the date it ships and BOOM, you get your order with quicker/cheaper shipping and money back! SO MANY BENEFITS…

1. REDUCED SHIPPING: Shipping is only $5.99 instead of $6.99 or more!

2. PRIORITY: if an oil is out of stock-you as an ER member have priority!

3. POINTS FOR FREE PRODUCTS: You get up to 20% of your order back in essential reward points! These points can be used later to buy free YL product! For the first 6 months, you earn 10% of your order in points. In months 7-12, you get 15% back in points, and after one year enrolled in this program, you get 20% of every purchase back in essential reward points! Yay free stuff!

4. DEEP DISCOUNTS: You qualify for deep discounts on the Essential Rewards Kits! These kits are for ER member only are popular products that many people order on a regular basis, so members get a discount on the kit rather than purchasing each product individually.4726

5. FREE OILS EACH MONTH: if your ER order is 190 pv or more, you get the monthly promotional free oil PLUS an additional free oil offered only to ER members! You can earn at least two free oils every month! The more you spend, the more freebies you can earn! Check out the December 2015 Specials!

6. GROW: you can order new oils each month! Essential rewards helps with getting new oils and expanding your collection. ER is flexible so you can change your order to different oils each month!

my growing collection!

my growing collection!

To say it again, there is NO obligation if you try it and find that $50 is too much each month and want to stop. And let’s say you’re having a rough month financially (kids got sick, car in the shop, etc) you can take one month off per year without losing your progress and points earned!

If you want to join, click the Essential Rewards tab in your Virtual Office (online account) or call customer service or chat online.

Let me know if you have questions!


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