Wanna Get your YL Oils for free?

Do you love your essential oils?
Do you find yourself using them often?
Dying to try all different kinds for free?
Do you want to learn more about YL Essential oils?
Do you feel comfortable talking to people (friends, family, etc)?
Do you want to earn money for sharing these oils?

If you have said yes to most of these, then I think you are ready to venture into the business side of young living. You don’t have to be an expert with this stuff to start. God knows I am STILL learning and will be forever! I decided in October (2014) to really try out the earning potential of this awesome company and from November’s commission checks until now I have earned at least $100 paycheck each month! I use most of that towards my YL purchase and have been able to try tons of different oils, blends and other products YL has to offer.

You see, the first 6 months to a year (or much shorter if you want to jump in with both feet!) of starting the business side of things, you are really just learning… and sharing occasionally. I love that there is NO PRESSURE! You don’t have to sell a certain amount; you don’t even have to order a certain amount (although most people who start are enrolled in Essential Rewards which is an autoship program of 50 PV a month). You can try sharing and getting paid, and if you don’t like it, just return to being a wholesale customer! No penalties or anything!

So let’s say you are interested… what would be your first few steps?

First of all, get to know the compensation plan

Second of all, contact someone in your upline to help you get started. If I am in  you upline, contact me! I will send you lots of advice and goodies, like a binder that teaches you how to start giving classes! Even if you don’t feel comfortable teaching yet, just start sharing how much you love your oils on social media or in real life. Oftentimes, people will see you with your oils and ask you questions, and just by answering, you are beginning a relationship with them! Sometimes those people will want to sign up. When they do, walk them through the sign up process using your member ID in the sponsor and enroller ID spots in the sign up page. If they order a premium starter kit (the best way to get started!) you earn $50! Just. Like. That.

That’s how I have gotten all my oils and young living products for FREE for the last 8 months!

If you want to give this thing a try, contact me asap!

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