Free Full Sized Beauty Products from Allure!

If you know me, you know I love saving money, getting great deals on stuff, and getting stuff for FREE! I want to share with you great deals I come across to share the love!

So Allure Magazine gives 1 free full sized product to the first 500 who submit a request page! If you have the time to wait until (exactly) noon ET (11amCentral), it’s totally a great way to score some high quality, name brand beauty products! Allure does these giveaways the first week of every month and then all month in August!

Allure's March Freebies!

Allure’s March Freebies!

I have scored some GREAT stuff for free over the years 🙂

Here is what I do…

1. If you haven’t already, sign up for an allure online account. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR MAGAZINE!! Where it says Special Offer/Exclusive Offer, just click NO.

2. Once  you are registered/logged in, go to their Free Stuff tab. There you will see the prizes and the directions on how to win.

3. Around 5 seconds before noon, (or 11CT) , Click THIS link and fill it out QUICKLY (it may already be filled out if you are logged on) and be sure to click no to subscribing and submit. It will most likely take a long time to fully submit (because of all the traffic).

4. You will not get a confirmation of winning, no emails, no messages. It will only say Thank You for submitting. If you win, your prize will come to the address you wrote in your account within 2 months or so.

So Easy! I have won Redkin hair supplies, Mary Kay products, L’oreal lip stuff, Hair Dye, mascara, perfume, shampoo, deodorant, face cleaner, face serums, lotions, etc. I’ll post pictures soon!

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