Theology of the Body for Teens!

TOB, where have you been all my life?20130705-163306

Seriously, this course is fantastic and I love teaching it! I get to start my 5th year teaching these beautiful truths to teenagers. Boy, I wish I would have heard TOB before high school.

Today I will be teaching to the 8th grade class at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Des Moines. Because I only get 45 min or so with them each class period, we will split each of the 12 lessons into two classes, done weekly. If you would like to teach this to your children, or volunteer to teach this at your parish, I would purchase everything from Amazon because it tends to be a little cheaper.

You will need a Leader’s Guide to lead the course. Each participant will need a Student Workbook. I also like to send the Parents Guide home to each parent so they can follow along.

The lessons are pretty awesome and easy to teach. If you LOVE the series but just don’t feel confident in your teaching abilities, I would highly recommend purchasing the Teaching DVDs. There is one for each of the 12 lessons, including a girls lesson and boys lesson for Chapter 4 and 11, when the class splits boys/girls for some deeper conversation and faith sharing!

If you can’t wait to get started but have a younger child/audience (like grades 5-7 or so), I would highly recommend the TOB for Middle School series. It’s got a lot of the same information, without some of the more graphic conversations about real life relationships. The Teaching DVDs for that class are good too, definitely towards a younger audience. The middle school series is only 8 sessions instead of the 12.

Please visit the TOB site where you can find leadership trainings, downloadable resources, and other important information. I will be sharing what we talk about, resources, games, and clips I showed and how well it goes over. Check back here to look up each lesson’s post!


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