Why Young Living Brand Essential Oils?


First of all, sometimes it is better to spend more up front to enjoy a greater benefit. Like our kitchen table for example. I could buy a new table from Overstock.com or invest in a handmade, solid wood table that will last you forever. Well when I first started, I thought deals were all that mattered (they DO in fact matter). BUT what I eventually realized is that a few high quality is better than tons of low quality.


YL's Lavender Farm

YL’s Lavender Farm

Enter Essential Oils. I feel like if you want results, more than just fragrance, high quality and purity are a must. Oils have healing properties-that penetrate your body on a cellular level! I believe that God loves us passionately and gives us what we need to live a healthy life. He has created plans and animals to aid in our health and prosperity! And with essential oils, their healing properties are intelligently designed with a purpose.


For example-if you have an infection, you would take antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria. But when you take antibiotics, it kills all bacteria, including the good stuff (flora and whatnot in your intestines that aids in overall health and immunity support). But certain oils can be used to kill off bad bacteria (AND VIRUSES!) without killing off the good stuff. All living things have DNA-including plants. God has given these plans a program to carry out (their DNA).


I can bank of the quality if Young Living essential oils. Comparatively, they are more expensive than others, but I could not count on the purity and quality (therefore results). One drop of YL oils would go further than several drops of other stuff. Plus I love the company and what they stand for!


All a part of the Seed to Seal guarantee

All a part of the Seed to Seal guarantee

Not only is quality and purity important and worth the extra money, but young living company is doing such wonderful thing for impoverished countries and they practice good business. I have friends who have traveled to Utah and seen the farms and distilleries first hand. Read about their Seed to Seal promise to families or even how the founder, Gary Young uses his farms in foreign countries to provide jobs and educate it’s people-Some serious humanitarian stuff right there 🙂


All I know is, I see YL oils like that solid wood piece of furniture-worth every penny! To read more ways to save money on these awesome oils, click here.

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