Clearance Kohl’s Win!

Hey everyone!

I just got back from a Kohl’s Victory Shopping Sesh (with Ben and Jojo) where I scored these jean shorts for only $2.71!

click here to either print out this coupon or use it on your mobile. It does say in the fine print up to 8 pairs of denim bottoms (not just jeans) so the lady at the counter had to specially take off $10 PER PAIR!

Get your coupon and go get some cheap clothes! You can always donate what you don’t need personally!

rockandrepubjeans rockandrepub

Hope you can find some cute stuff and save some money!!


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Why Young Living Brand Essential Oils?


First of all, sometimes it is better to spend more up front to enjoy a greater benefit. Like our kitchen table for example. I could buy a new table from or invest in a handmade, solid wood table that will last you forever. Well when I first started, I thought deals were all that mattered (they DO in fact matter). BUT what I eventually realized is that a few high quality is better than tons of low quality.


YL's Lavender Farm

YL’s Lavender Farm

Enter Essential Oils. I feel like if you want results, more than just fragrance, high quality and purity are a must. Oils have healing properties-that penetrate your body on a cellular level! I believe that God loves us passionately and gives us what we need to live a healthy life. He has created plans and animals to aid in our health and prosperity! And with essential oils, their healing properties are intelligently designed with a purpose.


For example-if you have an infection, you would take antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria. But when you take antibiotics, it kills all bacteria, including the good stuff (flora and whatnot in your intestines that aids in overall health and immunity support). But certain oils can be used to kill off bad bacteria (AND VIRUSES!) without killing off the good stuff. All living things have DNA-including plants. God has given these plans a program to carry out (their DNA).


I can bank of the quality if Young Living essential oils. Comparatively, they are more expensive than others, but I could not count on the purity and quality (therefore results). One drop of YL oils would go further than several drops of other stuff. Plus I love the company and what they stand for!


All a part of the Seed to Seal guarantee

All a part of the Seed to Seal guarantee

Not only is quality and purity important and worth the extra money, but young living company is doing such wonderful thing for impoverished countries and they practice good business. I have friends who have traveled to Utah and seen the farms and distilleries first hand. Read about their Seed to Seal promise to families or even how the founder, Gary Young uses his farms in foreign countries to provide jobs and educate it’s people-Some serious humanitarian stuff right there 🙂


All I know is, I see YL oils like that solid wood piece of furniture-worth every penny! To read more ways to save money on these awesome oils, click here.

Essential Oils for the Budget Minded

I grew up one of nine kids so money never flowed freely in my house growing up. I am so grateful for this because I have always known the value of a dollar.


aaaand yes we were homeschooled. Be kind. This WAS the 90s 🙂

Now that I run our household, I try to coupon, price match with weekly circulars, stretch our food and toiletries, make my own stuff, etc. For the last year, I have heard a ton about essential oils and how much easier they can make your life! But the good oils are quite expensive especially when you are on a tight budget. SO I wanted to share with you three main ways to save money with essential oils: 1. Go with the good stuff 2. Stretch your Oils 3. Find your supplies at the right stores 4. You save in doctor bills and over the counter medicines. …   Go with the Good Stuff First of all, I choose to use Young Living essential oils because of quality, potency, purity, business practices and the integrity of the creators/owners. You get the best results with high quality oil like this! You would have to use much more off brand oil to get the same results. Read more on why I choose YL. everydayoilspic BUT, because of the potency of YL oils, I hardly ever (if ever) use it neat (which means without being mixed with a carrier oil). I almost always use my oils mixed with either olive oil or coconut oil. Carrier oils not only help your oils to last longer, but they help spread the oils to reach further.

Stretch your Oils Here are some roller bottles that I use-they save you money! So not only are you using your carrier oil to stretch your oh-so-potent essential oils, but the roller spreads it on evenly so it can spread the oil further (one drop of oil can be spread across 4 ft! I buy the tinted glass ones because the clear ones let UV light through, which can actually make the teeny tiny molecules of the essential oils (the ones that are small enough to penetrate and treat you on a cellular level) bigger and therefore less effective. I of course learned this after purchasing like 40 clear ones… oh well! I use these rollers for my allergy stick, sleepy stick, and calm down stick. They are great if you want to mix a few of your oils together, or just highlight one, like my Frankie stick. We love frankincense for so many reasons, but it is one of the most expensive ones, so we usually dilute it in olive oil to stretch it. Matt usually wears his as cologne or as a great mood booster.

S   T   R   E   T   C   H    YOUR DOLLARS!


Where to Shop for Supplies? It’s easy to get overwhelmed and spend spend spend on supplies for your oils. I would suggest starting small with a few rollers until you get the hang of things and see the health benefits of what you are doing. I use these rollers and I just use Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil . The thing with essential oils is, you MUST buy glass. This is because essential oils will eat away plastic-just watch what citrus oil can do to Styrofoam! Then I would purchase spray bottles and jars.  The cheapest place I can find for all my glass bottles, jars, etc is Abundant Health. And if you know other oil users or people who want to start-the best way is to buy in bulk! You can get some serious discounts and save on shipping!! Using coconut oil is a must for essential oils ‘creams’! If you have a Costsco membership, you can usually find it cheapest there. But if you are like me and spend wayyyyyy to much money when you walk in Costco, you can find it online here or if you participate in the food drop, Azure Standard, that is by far the cheapest route to go.  I cook with it too so we order a lot of it! For all the bottles, I wrap just plain ol’ masking tape around it and label the oil with a sharpie. Eventually you could order lip balm tubes, metal jars to sell or gift and make money that way! In fact, if you are interested in sharing the oily love with others, with Young Living, you can potentially get paid to use their oils. Unlike most companies, the more people you tell about your oils and get them to sign up under you, you can get a commission off of their mutual love for oils. You could potentially get your oils for free!

Save on co-pays and pharmacy! Certain times of year are the WORST for your bank account because your kids bring home any and every virus, flu, cold, pink eye, etc that’s out there! Read about our “sickagedon” last fall. We spent over $2000 over Sept and Oct in co-pays ($20 each time!), medicine and a hospital trip for my poor, de-hydrated Mikey! To think of the money we could have saved (and trauma avoided!) using EOs…. Since we have started using oils, we have not gone to the doctor once. Not once. Well yes, once-but that was for a well visit and we didn’t have to pay for those! We have seen EOs help with stuffy noses, headaches, respiratory probs, and dropped a few fevers and are in the process of helping a UTI and sinus probs for the hubby! I have banished my plantar wart (ew!), helped with sleep for all of us, my heartburn, headaches, Matt’s snoring, anti-itch for bug bites, healed bruises overnight and the list. Goes. On. So that’s it! That is how I actually SAVE money using Essential Oils, PLUS I feel better giving my family safer and more natural ways to heal.

So What Now? Order a starter kit! It is very easy to get started. My enroller and sponsor number are already typed in so I am the person you would come to with questions or help to get you started! If you would like a step by step document to walk you through signing up, click here. I highly recommend the Premium kit because the value is unbeatable! For the oils alone, it would cost over $150-plus you get a diffuser and membership (which is like taking 24% off the rest of your future orders). The upfront cost is $150 (remember the investment is so worth it!).

The Basic Starter Kit is $40 and contains their product and business package, which
includes Essential Oil Sample Packets, all-new product and business literature, and other popular product
samples. This will also come with 24% off future orders, because you will be a member!
The Basic Plus Starter Kit is $75 and includes everything in the Basic Starter Kit, plus an easy-to-use Home Diffuser
The Premium Kit is $150 and includes everything in the Basic Starter Kit, plus a Home Diffuser and an
Everyday Oils collection. Plus a 5ml bottle of Stress Away blend!
After you order your kit, I would seriously consider the Desk Reference Guide-which will help guide you on how to use your oils! It is so so helpful!
And a few roller bottles to get you started. Please feel free to contact me ( for any support you would need!